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80 Residential properties
in San Jorge





San Jorge district (Pamplona)

Viviendas de Navarra S.A. (VINSA)

Fco. Javier Chocarro San Martín
María Urmeneta Fernández
Silvia San Miguel Parcha

Febrary 2009

6.357.854,21 €

1.571,93 m2 Retail
6.562,84 m2 Houses
10.804,05 m2 Built surface
The district plan confer a singular role to this block and his top specially. A "cylindrical volume" is defined to establish a milestone in the planning of the space. The regulation fosters the breaking of the uniformity, not only in shape and height but also in façade finishing. To enhance the "milestone", a treatment based on ventilated façade has been foreseen, with ceramic pieces, matte finish, in vertical component and modulated following the window hollows. To obtain a certain forcefulness result, it has opted for a tilted top of the cilindrical volume with "bow" to the east. It aims to achieve a formal contrast in texture-shaped between the "cylindrical volume" and "lower body". Treatment of bricks in the "lower body", extends to the "cylindrical volume" through the ground floor so that visually link both bodies.
Chocarro y Urmeneta s.l.p. / Arquitectos | Pintor Ciga 4. 31008 Pamplona. Navarre (Spain). T. +34 948 27 30 69 | GPS 42º-48'-30" N y 1º-39'-20" W