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Reused bottle Christmas tree



Baluarte's square (Pamplona)

Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona (Pamplona Common Region)

Fco. Javier Chocarro San Martín
María Urmeneta Fernández

2011-2012 Christmastime
Due to Christmas celebrations and with the aim of sensitizing the citizens about recycling, a tree with reused and reusable glass bottles was projected and installed.
The goal is having a responsible attitude of the citizens in terms of recycling.
The structure of the tree consists of a cone-shape steel structure. This cone has four quadrants, screwed to each other. This fact allows a comfortable assembly and dismantling of the structure, as well as its transportation and storage. This means that the reusability of the structure and of the bottles is guaranteed throughout the years.
The tree is 6m high and has 4,80m diameter on the base. It has been located in "Baluarte's Auditorium" Square during 2011-2012 Christmastime.
The number of the bottles used is of 2.328. The 90% of them are green glass, and the 10% transparent glass.
The 2.328 bottles involved the glass recovery of 13 families of Pamplona's region along a year.
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