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Mill of San Andrés



Completion date
County Riverside park (Navarra)

Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona (Pamplona Common Region)

Fco. Javier Chocarro San Martín
María Urmeneta Fernández

May 2011
The mill of San Andres, after its refurbishment, hosts an Environmental Interpretation and Education centre in the District Riverside Park. It is a ludic space, a place to gather orientated to the environmental sensitizing and education. It offers different exhibition spaces, workshops and guided tours. It is also in the way of the Route of the pilgrimage to Santiago.

The mill of San Andrés was built jointly by the residents of Villava and Huarte as a flour mill in 1541. Centuries later, in 1897, it was converted into a flour factory and finally, a power station, until it was abandoned in 1987.

In 1896 the mill was adapted to generate electricity. Since then the water of the Arga River has moved the turbine. After the refurbishment, this turbine, named "Francis", has been used for the building to supply itself.
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